By purchasing game stuff you significantly increase the speed of development


This feature activates premium account.

It gives you:

  • +25% to reward from aliens
  • Free ship repair after destroy
  • 2x faster hitpoints repairing

$4 - Week packet Get it

Extends premium time for 7 days

$10 - Month packet Get it

Extends premium time for 30 days


Game currency called Platinum allows you to buy elite weapons

If you don`t want to farm it, you are able to buy packs of it:

$4 - 30 000 PLT Get it

Starter pack

$10 - 100 000 PLT Get it

Medium pack

$20 - 250 000 PLT Get it

Master pack

$50 - 800 000 PLT Get it

Pro pack

How many time I should wait for the item after payment

Usually few hours. If you ask for it admin when you see him online you will receive it instantly

Payments support


Payment system belongs to Xsolla