Youtubers Support Program

Youtubers Support Program (YSP)

We will give the reward to your game account for videos about WarUniverse.

For each milestone that your video had reach you get following reward:
  • 2 Days Of Premium
  • 100k PLT
  • 50k White Ammo
  • 30k AShield Ammo
  • 5k MRS Ammo
  • 2 Days Of Premium
  • 30k PLT
  • 15k White Ammo
  • 5k MRS Ammo
  • 1 Day Of Premium
  • 30k PLT
  • 5k White Ammo
  • 5k MRS Ammo
  • 1 Day Of Premium
  • 15k PLT

Requirements for videos
  • Game content must not break any WarUniverse rules
  • Views must not be gained in an unfair way
  • Video must be published no earlier than 3 months ago
  • Video must not be hidden later (it will lead to YSP ban)


You can get rewards for multiple milestones for each video at the same time.
For example, if you have 350 views on your video you will get 2 Days Of Premium, 45k PLT, 5k White Ammo and 5k MRS ammo which are 1st and 2nd milestones.
However later, when your video reaches 500 views you can receive only 3rd milestone alone which is 2 Days Of Premium, 30k PLT, 15k White Ammo and 5k MRS.

How to get reward

To get the reward you should reach any milestone and then fill this form - Google Forms Link