Game Tutorial

WarUniverse Guide Through the Basics

Welcome to our tutorial, here you will be able to read about basics of WarUniverse.


In UI there are various important thing you should be aware of.

Info and Quests windows

Info Window inform you about your current Experience, Honor and level.

Besides that you can see how much Bitcoins and Platinum you have and if you have any Cargo space left to gather resources from destroyed aliens.


On minimap you see your current position, nearby enemies, location of portals and on some maps also Bases and Trading Stations locations.

Action Buttons and ammunition

In this part you can change your ammunition or rockets in fight or outside of it, to change ammunition just click on it’s icon and drag mouse or your finger to one you want to use.

You are also able commence or cancel laser attack by click on red circle, shoot manually single rockets by clicking on rocket icon or change between your ship configurations clicking on two arrows on the left.

Teleport activation and Control Panel icons

When close to a portal you may use Portal Jump button (on the left) as one of ways to teleport to another map.

In the bottom middle there is Control Panel icon, after you click on it in game menu will appear. Be aware though that you are still online while looking into Control Panel ! Remember to be in a safe place when doing so.

Control Panel

Control Panel consists of 10 sections from which some has additional ones like Equipment, Shop or Statistics sections.


Here are most basic info about your account.

- Your ID
- Rank and faction you are part of
- Experience, Honour, Bitcoins and Platinum just like on map Info window

You can find there also Log of recent actions, Online Players and Upcoming cyclic Events


Equipment tab has 4 parts

- Overview where you can check exact amount of your ammunitions and available ships
- Ship Equipment part (below) where you can choose most suitable to your gameplay equipment from what you already have. You can do so on two different configurations for strategy purposes

- Drones part, it is similar to ship tab but on drones you can equip only Shields or Lasers in their slots
- Resources part where you can refine collected resources to richer ones to either sell them or use as enriching material for your Shields, Lasers, Speed generators or Rockets


Consists of 6 groups

- Ships, here you can find all available for purchase using game currency ships and their specifications
- Ammo
- Guns
- Generators
- Extensions, here you will find special modules that are indispensable in many situations you will find yourself in as experienced player
- Drones


Each auction lasts an hour, during that time you can bid on what is available at that hour auction. Be aware though that all Bitcoins used for your bid will be lost no matter if you win it or not.

Each auction have different contents to bid on, they are chosen randomly.


Here you can choose from variety of different quests that will give you precious rewards as well as tell some stories from time to time

Star Missions

System of gates for experienced players when you can face alien waves to earn precious rewards and elite White ammunition


You may look for companions here or create your own clan to rise in power with others


Here you can see various rankings but first and foremost your own rank and statistics of all three factions.


All maps accessible for players in normal circumstances with portals routes


Various game and account settings.

In settings you can also check and if needed change some important hotkeys