Chat Rules

If you are using Game Chat you must follow rules from Chat Rules List

Last edit: 12.12.2022

Basic Rules for Chat

  • Do not insult other players
  • Do not spam
  • Do not use CAPS


According to the Game Rules, all kinds of profanity, spam messages with the same content or other messages, as well as insults to players in any way are prohibited.
We constantly monitor chat messages, and you may be banned from the chat or from the game for violating these rules. Please remember that game chat is a tool for communicating with players, not for exchanging insults.

Chat Rules List

Minor Violations (1 day ban)

* Using the wrong language in chat rooms after being warned and kicked (except Global and Faction chat)
* Writing in all caps after being kicked from chat
* Flooding messages after being kicked from chat
* Copying another player's name or using it to flame chat
* Using inappropriate nicknames

Serious Violations (7 days ban)

* Using insulting, offensive, or vulgar language
* Discussing drugs, racism, or politics
* Advertising other companies, websites, or services

Severe Violations (14 days ban)

* Cheating requests
* Threatening violence, suicide, or harm
* Sharing personal information
* Promoting or alluding to hate speech
* Describing sexual acts
* Insulting or negatively portraying someone based on their religion or sexual orientation
* Using family insults

Account Violations (365 day ban)

* Confessing to account sharing or trading
* Disrespecting the game or its developers
* Breaking rules regarding account ownership

Game Team Violations (365 day ban)

* Disrespecting or threatening the game team
* Violating the privacy of the game team including their in-game identity
* Impersonating a member of the game team
* Insulting the game or its developers

Account Violations (permanent game ban)

* Selling, sharing, or trading account credentials
* Using multiple accounts to violate rules

Note: In case of Account Violations, Support Admins should be informed by a CM or CA for account ban.

These rules are not definitive, the Staff Team reserves the right to apply penalties in situations not mentioned here. The durations given are the minimum durations for the mentioned violations. The Community Admins or Support Admins have the right to increase the duration of the penalty, but no more than 30 days in total.