Chat Rules

If you are using Game Chat you must follow rules from Chat Rules List

Basic Rules for Chat

  • Do not insult other players
  • Do not spam
  • Do not use CAPS

What will happen if the rules are violated

We have a Penalty-Level system that works for all rules. If you violate the rule ones you will get a penalty depends on minimal-level marked for this rule. If you break the rule again you can get higher penalty than it marked. Penalty levels scale (PL): 0 - Warning 1 - Kick from the chat 2 - Ban up to one day 3 - Ban up to one week 4 - Ban up to one month

If the rule marked like PL-1 that means that minimal penalty will be kick from the chat.

Chat Rules List

  1. Introduction
    1. Listed rules are not fully comprehensive. Moderators have ability to give a penalty in situations that are not mentioned here.
    2. If you think that given penalty is not fair - please contact us.
  2. Language
    1. In Language-specific rooms you must use room language or English. / PL-1
  3. Following is not allowed
    1. Using CAPS in situations when it is not required / PL-0
    2. Using obscene or vulgar language / PL-1
    3. Referencing illegal activities or drugs / PL-4
    4. Threatening someone with real-life violence or harm / PL-4
    5. Distributing someone’s real-life information (name, address, phone number, etc...) / PL-4
    6. Referencing sexual or violent acts / PL-4
    7. Promoting or alluding to racial, political, ethnic, or national hatred / PL-2
    8. General harassment/flaming / PL-2
    9. Defaming another player / PL-2
    10. Provocation / PL-0
  4. Spam
    1. Spam / PL-1
    2. Advertising of products that not refers to WarUniverse - also spam / PL-2
    3. Advertising of P-Servers allowed once a day / PL-3
  5. Moderators
    1. Moderator Disrespect / PL-1
    2. Moderator Impersonating / PL-3
    3. Moderator Threat / PL-2
  6. Account actions
    1. Account Sharing / PL-2
    2. Account Scam / PL-4
    3. Account Buying/Selling/Trading / PL-2
    4. Account Pushing / PL-2
  7. Multiaccounting
    1. If you are using second account and violates rules again / Your main account can be fully blocked for severe rules violation