Game Rules

 Each player in the WarUniverse game must follow next rules

  1. Bug using

    It is forbidden to use bugs and/or other mistakes in the programming for your own personal gain. Bugs which are discovered should be reported as quickly as possible by contacting support via your links on the back-page. Bounty can be given to a player for bugs reporting.

  2. Pushing

    A player may not willingly allow another player to destroy his ship in order to get the points and achieve a better position in the rankings.

  3. Real-life threats

    Real-life extortion or threats will be rigorously pursued.

  4. Insults and spam

    Insults and spam are forbidden in every available form.

  5. External programs and automation

    External programs which influence the game as well as the automation of processes are not allowed.

  6. Trading and Selling of Accounts

    Users who have sold/traded/bought an account will not receive help from support.

  7. Multiaccount

    Using multiple accounts in order to help yourself in the game is not allowed.

Offenses against the rules above will lead to various form of account blocking or penalty.