Game FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Read of this page typically gives an answer for the most questions players have.

Game team

- Scales (#1550 in Discord)
- Serendipity (#1110 in Discord)
- IstrebitelDragon (#4513 in Discord)
- Tomka (#6373 in Discord)

- Madz (#1134 in Discord)

Developer / owner
- Spaiowenta

Question / Answer

Contact an admin in Discord, Facebook or Vkontakte

Server opened at 2017. Since this time there were no pauses in work

Frequently asked questions about game update

We are receiving many messages about the things that will be implemented next into the game. Please read information below attentively because it answers to most questions

Short list of things that are planned to be made in next few months

  • iOS client
  • New events
  • Groups
  • Other smaller changes

Exact dates are unknown, please do not ask about that

Besides that we have a list of features to add in a year, we do not have lack of ideas

We will not make following things

  • PET
  • More drones
  • More damage