Convoy Event

Event starts in

It is one of regular events happening at 6 PM and 8 PM Berlin time from Monday to Friday and at 6 PM at Weekends.

Main goal of this Event is to protect your Convoy from enemy players and/or destroy other factions Convoys.

Every convoy consist from 4 Freighters guarded by 4 Guards each.
When event starts every 15 minutes 4 Freighters with their Guards will appear from your home base and starts flying towards x6 map. Their route is x1 --> x2 --> x3 --> x5 one Convoy wave will end on map x5 when reaching portal leading to map x6 and soon after when quarter of hour since last wave start passes another Convoy wave will appear until 4 of them reach their destiny or enemy players destroy them.
Note that Convoys will skip map T-1 and jump from x3 – T1 portal straight to x5 – T1 portal without appearing on battle map.
Every of 4 waves will give you respective bonuses as following when defended:
- Experience
- Honour
- Bitcoins
- Platinum

Destroying Freighters and Guards will give you rewards just like aliens but besides that enemy Freighters can supply players with a lot of most precious resources like Xureon and Dungid from their cargo left after destroying.

Status of each Convoy wave of your faction can be seen on event window as long as it’s active.

0 - Freighter is flying towards goal at the moment
X - Freighter was destroyed by enemy
V - Freighter safely reached it’s goal

After Event ends each company will receive bonuses in upcoming hour for each of the Freighters that safely reached their destination.
For each Freighter you will receive bonus of extra 8% of mentioned earlier Experience, Honour, Bitcoins and Platinum.
Full bonus amounts to 32% increase for an hour after Convoy Event window disappear. Bonuses counts only for alien rewards, be aware of that!