By purchasing game stuff you significantly increase the speed of development


This feature activates premium account.

It gives you:

  • +25% to reward from aliens
  • Free ship repair after destroy
  • 2x faster hitpoints repairing
  • 2x faster rockets reloading

$4 - Week packet Zakup

Extends premium time for 7 days

$10 - Month packet Zakup

Extends premium time for 30 days



Subtype of Hyperion ship

Using it you have bonuses:

  • +15% reward from aliens (sum up with premium)
  • All whites taken from something is multiplying by 2
  • Unique design

$25 - and it`s your forever Zakup


Game currency called Platinum allows you to buy elite weapons

If you don`t want to farm it, you are able to buy packs of it:

$4 - 30 000 PLT Zakup

Starter pack

$10 - 100 000 PLT Zakup

Medium pack

$20 - 250 000 PLT Zakup

Master pack

$50 - 800 000 PLT Zakup

Pro pack

How can I pay

Only way to do it now is Paypal

How many time I should wait for the item after payment

Usually few hours. If you ask for it admin when you see him online you will receive it instantly